A Proud Latino-Owned and Operated Construction Company

About Bulldog Construction, LLC

At Bulldog Construction, we incorporate our core values — trust, honesty and diversity — in all that we do. Providing a variety of commercial and residential construction services throughout the state of Minnesota, our work is driven by quality, competitive pricing, and accountability. With personal attention to detail and our leadership present on every job site, we complete every project to the highest of standards. Experts in new commercial construction and residential new homes, remodeling and exteriors, our team will get the job right the first time.

Our Mission

We have a singular mission to be the first Latino-owned construction company that is not only competitive in our industry but pays each of our dedicated employees at a fair price. To achieve our goals, we provide a positive, healthy, and safe work environment for our employees where their hard work does not go unnoticed. This allows us to provide the best experience possible for our clients, producing superior project outcomes and long-lasting client relationships.

Meet Chuy, The Face of Bulldog Construction

Our owner, Javier, adopted Chuy back in 2016. Originally from Mexico, Javier decided to bring Chuy to Minnesota after his family there was looking to rehome him. He is a large and in charge – but incredibly loving — English Bulldog whose best at keeping his family entertained with his hilarious personality. When he’s not visiting job sites, he enjoys playing with soccer balls in his backyard.


Partner with a Team You Can Trust

At Bulldog Construction, LLC, we provide honest and reliable work at every job site. Let us help you achieve your goals, on time and within budget!